Friday, June 23, 2006

More on strange searches

I HAVE been a bad blogger this week, work’s been busy and evening time at home has been busy so I have had little time to do anything else.

So I decided to do another joint post with the Young Wan on funny searches and weird phrases which have caused people to land here and some of them are very funny. I love the Young Wan's interpretation of the keywords and I LOVE that she thinks her mum is famous, aren't kids wee honeys:) You can check out her top ten search engine phrases at the bottom of this post.

So back to what I was saying according to Google Analytics my most visited post was the one about the Leinster’s Ladies calendar, I wouldn’t have thought that at all, podge and rodge is second while Me No to Bebo is third and Don’t talk to me about U2 from last summer was sixth.

Other sites which have referred the highest traffic (referral conversion according to Google) are Irishblogs, Blogger and Technorati in numbers one, two and three slot. Searches on Googles Images came in at number 6 with Flickr at number 7, Planet was at number 9..

The keyword conversion turned up the things that give me the most giggles normally.
One phrase which made me stop was ‘redmum died’ and obviously news of my death are greatly exaggerated then I realised it was some green-fingered, or not so green-fingered chrysanthemum grower/killer inquirer and did I feel foolish.

There have been umpteen and strangely ecelptic searches for arses, nice, massive, pretty, sports, oh and red arses have all been looked for.

To the person or should I say persons who thinks ‘redheads are ugly’ pah! That searcher is poles apart from the other person looking for ‘red on the head’ and I have confess to complete puzzlement as to why anyone wants to search for ‘red mum kinda’ or ‘redmum bedroom’ and the ‘we all hate RM’ search just plain hurt…

Exam fever has hit the internet and turned up loads of searches ranging from ‘pressure from parents about exams’ to ‘how to cope with exam pressure’ and ‘junior cert parents chat’ if the latter searcher got any good results I’d be interested in them for next year.

The amount of teenage related searches is huge, many of which are very unsavoury indeed. Or on a nicer note there’s the search looking ‘how to stop a mumbling teen’ and the many, many searches looking for pictures and descriptions of untidy teenage bedrooms. I’m glad I obliged when I shamed my family by publishing pics of the Young Wan’s bedroom.

The bedroom - nearly done

Maybe by reading my frustration on urrgghh messy bedrooms other parents will take comfort in the fact that it is a rite of passage, a bloody horrible one to live with but a fact of life nonetheless.

I laughed at the person who searched for ‘brrrr!’ and came to me and shook my fist at the person who looked ‘how to annoy mums’. Have you not been reading? Don’t tidy your bedroom and she’ll be very annoyed.

But someone was feeling apologetic and wanted to say ‘sorry mum for being awful’ maybe they had a huge ‘teenage phonebill’ and made their normally mild-mannered mum became ‘hulk mum’ or ‘mum mad’ before writing a ‘harassed mum blog’. Yup know that feeling.

Someone obviously feeling the effects of teenage phonecalls looked up ‘phone to dial parents and 911 only’ which is what I have and I should have published the make of the phone at the time so they can get it and if they ever swing by again, get the Panasonic Dect, it works fantastically.

Someone wanted to know about ‘hiding a dog from a landlord’ dog, what dog! I don't know what you are talking about at all;) while someone else enquired about ‘how to stop grey hairs’ – short of shaving your head, dying I think is your only option.

‘I hate the Donegal weather’ brought someone here when I am actually thankful that Donegal has unpredictable weather, those beautiful beaches would be overrun with people, we’ll keep that a wee secret eh?

So there you go, sorry for the blogging absence and hopefully something here has given you a google I mean giggle.

And now for something completely different, over to herself:
The young wans top ten of phrases that people that looked on the web and came on to redmum

1. redmum(my mothers famous)
2. big head (do I have a big head :()
3. Pierced ears (it’s the 21st century come on!!!!!!!!)
4. bebo+cult(wow a new found religion)
5. Teenage antics (leave us alone the media only pays attention to the bad stuff we do.what about the good stuff!!!!!!!!!! :(
6. redmums dead(shes right beside me and alive may I add:))
7. tangoed(hahahahaha the orange people our anxty teens worst enemy!!! :))
8. babies born on 6+6+06 (come on you cant expect babies to stop being born just because it’s the number of the beast)
9. Chinese gravy(check tesco :))
10. holby city (woooooooooh who doesn’t like holby city )
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KnackeredKaz said...

Right..I'm confused about the Chinese gravy thing! How on earth did someone come to your site with the phrase Chinese gravy? All the other ones, I get, but that one puzzles me!

I must set up that analytics thing on mine!

Boliath said...

How is the YW blog coming along?

Missed you in the blogosphere, hope work calms down a bit.

Tawdreyaudrey said...

Thoroughly enjoyed that Redmum and the young wan. A great double act. Scope for lots more. Brilliant