Friday, June 16, 2006

The Young Wan speaks!

THE Young Wan just posted a comment to my recent Schools out for summer post and she left a comment, well she is sitting beside me typing away and I have to say I am delighted at how well she is typing with two fingers. Anyway you can read what she said here and to top it all, she wants to write a post, so over to the Young Wan.

Ahhh the beloved summer meh
3 months what the hell am I gona do for 3 bloody months. So far ive read about 4 really long novels, hum simulating. books entertain for only so long. ive read wuthering heights, Johnny and the dead, starseeker (best book ever nearly made me cry) and Jackie love johnser. its ok for kids whos parents are at home because they can come in and out as they please but sometimes when my mam goes out I cant go out because she’s not at home and cant be there if anything goes wrong so I can understand why I cant do things that other kids do ive no prob with it really because we all have to do wht we have to do blah blah blah. turkey will be kool but I want to be here for a few weeks at the end of the summer so I can go out with my mate because shes doing her exams at the moment!!!. while we,r on the subject yes people im going into the dreaded 3rd year ahhhhhhhhhh run run as fast as you can you cant me im a young wan!!! How are we supposed to get stuck back in to this really hard secondary stuff after 3 months of doing absolutely nothing!!!!! anyway im hoping to start one of these blogger thingies bu bye mwah mwah xxx

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Boliath said...

Young Wan's blog - how excellent! Can we read it or is it just for other young wans? Good girl yourself young wan.

Can't believe you think 3 months is too long, jaysus I LOVED the 3 month holidays, I suppose I was in a small town so it was a bit safer to be hanging around doing nothing.

Hope you enjoy Turkey with Nanny & RedMum enjoys Dublin with herself.

kisses to you both xx

KnackeredKaz said...

Mwah mwah?! No no no Young Wan! I'll have to BEAT that out of you! It's 'talk to yeh la'er' or nothing for me!

I look forward to your blog, you're right you know, it's mad that they expect you to get right back into the swing of things at school after months doing nothing. But sure, don't' think about that now, it's holiday time! Enjoy Turkey!

Steve said...

I totally agree that 3 months is far too long, its bad enough for us parents over here and our kids only get 6 or 7 weeks.
I think that school should be an all year round thing with lessons in the morning with sports or practical activities in the afternoon. Like how to wash the pots properly, how to do the housework and ironing. How to make mum or dad a good brew rofl only kidding have a great break and just think when you have to start work you will really miss the long summer holidays