Tuesday, May 30, 2006

You've been tangoed

I SPOTTED this via a visitor. If you search google.co.uk for 'you've been tangoed' my blog entry is the fourth in the search.

Alright it doesn't change the world but it gave me a wee thrill (wee being the word). Still I wouldn't have thought that my post would figure but there you go.

(I just thought I would try to post directly from my Flickr account. I have never done it before, not even a test, so it will be interesting to see if it works. I could be back via blogger to tidy it up.)

Youve been tangoed1
Originally uploaded by Red Mum.

UPDATE: Well it was good in theory but it needed tweaking. However you could pull the picture to the size you want which is a new thing for me, normally I edit the code to get the size I want. This is how the post looked after I blogged it from Flickr and what you can see is how I want it to look.

Uh Oh

FURTHER UPDATE: Actually the pulling of the pic just pixelated it, so I don't like the blog this feature on flickr. Hence another update and more tweaking. Pah.

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