Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Big Head

Young Wan: “Do I have a big head?”

Me: “Ehmm yeah you do have kinda have a biggish head.”

Blank yet confused look from the Young Wan…

Picture from Libraryman

Me: “Well no it’s not big big, it's not even big, it’s completely in proportion with your body. You don’t have a big head but you don’t have a small head. It is just right.”

Young Wan: “Just cos you have a small head, huh!”

Me: “No I don’t have a small head, I just don’t have a big head.”

Sometimes our conversations rival the nonsense that’s been going on in Celebrity Big Brother.

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KnackeredKaz said...

Ha! I laughed out loud at that. I can actually just imagine it now. I'll bet the Young Wan then stormed off to her room muttering under her breath about big heads and then spent hours staring at herself in the mirror! Am I right? Or at least right-ish?

She should count herself lucky she asked you and you, being a lovely Mummy, gave the correct "it's just right" answer unlike when I was a child and I asked my sisters and brother "do I have ears like Spock" only to get a resounding "God yes, they're massive and pointy so they are. Hide. Hide in the wardrobe and don't come out til your hair grows"...which I duly did.

That was a long summer.