Thursday, January 12, 2006

The worst joke ever

I THINK I have fallen prey to some very bad internet joke, it’s my own fault for following a link to the best blonde joke ever. I don’t even like blonde jokes.

So I did and went to another blog with a link to the best blonde joke ever, which led me to another blog with a link to… you guessed it the best blonde joke ever.

And all this on a dail-up internet connection too. I gave up at that point.

I only followed the second or was it the third link because I was thinking you all cannot be serious with this nonsense.

If you fancy a wild goose chase go to the blonde joke link at the left-hand of the NewsNow ( blogging top stories list. I refuse to link to it directly after my travels last night so this will only work today when it is the top story (no doubt others did the same).

I wonder if they are taking part in some mad tracking experiment or maybe they just want to p*ss people off? Ah who cares anyway

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