Friday, January 13, 2006

What was George Galloway thinking?

I HAVE previously promised myself that I would never post about Big Brother, even though I am a saddo and do watch it.

But I am cringing my way though this Celebrity *yamn* Big Brother, what a bunch of arses the vast majority of them are.

They are picking on that mad woman Jodie, who would I have to say get a swift kick of the arse from me, but they are so guilty of the very behaviour they are accusing her of. Pot kettle and black.

Most of them are just horrible, Barrymore, George, Pete, horrible horrible people.


I tuned in last night at the milk-slurping part and was sitting absolutely agog and speechless. I couldn't work out what was going on or why was it happening. I was traumatised.

For those of you who are lucky enough not to have had your retinas burned out by this display missed former Labour MP George Galloway, I believe, had to pretend to be Rula's cat and at the same time has scuppered any hopes he has of being reelected.

I felt like I was watching animal porn.

What was George thinking
[I couldn't get my camera outquick enough and instead captured this dodgey looking pic of Rula stroking George]

Oh how many of you heard George when he was bitching about Pete Burn's crazy cosmetic surgery.

He said that while he couldn't understand Pete's need for surgery that he thought he was a great musician and that he just loved his music even pledging to buy his 'album'.

I laughed heartily, can you imagine the scenario.

GG: I would like to purchase the album of Pete Burns
Shop: Is that Dead or Alive?
GG: Excuse me? He's alive.
Shop:I mean, is that Pete Burns from Dead or Alive?
GG: MMmmm not sure, let me see.
GG: Nah that couldn't possibly be him, that's a different bloke altogether.

Who ever advised George that going into the BB house was a good idea must be bricking it BIG TIME.

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