Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The only thing dark about them is their clothing - RM column May 18

HAVE I mentioned before that my daughter is a wanna-be goth, I say wanna-be because she’s not really getting it right so far. (She absolutely hates me saying this, sorry darlin but its true.)

She has had more than a few occasions of walking around where we live with the white face and black lipstick. To me this isn’t style it’s more emulating how a heart attack would look. Besides it hardly being an individual, check out the multitudes of teen Goths at the Central Bank in town any Saturday afternoon.

I have to admit too that I just do not want my daughter walking about looking like an eejit, I want her to look the prettiest she can look while developing her own style. And for me personally this does not involve having black lipstick smeared on her beautiful mouth. Not to mention the fact that she appears to forget she has it on and accidentally wipes it across her face.

She went into town recently with a pal and they looked gorgeous. However when they came back, the pal looked as pretty as before (she’s a pretty Goth without the makeup) while my offspring came back looking like an extra from the cast of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

It is also worth bearing in mind that not all, in fact few Goths look like the stylish and pretty Rosie Webster from tv soap Coronation Street, Rosie is lucky to have a stylist and makeup artist and she is one pretty goth. The vast majority I see in Dublin look well dirty and in need of a good wash.

I know that’s the mummy in me and I understand that and I also know I have had my black phase as a teenager, most of my wardrobe is still black.

As a teen myself and being pale skinned, I wanted my skin to be as pale as possible, but I never wanted to look like death and I suppose that’s the difference.

I allowed the Young Wan to go and get her first make up and she came home with white foundation, white powder and black lipstick, so that all went back and I got her more suitable makeup.

I have tried to tell her that I can make her look like a good Goth, (not to be confused with good witch Glenda or indeed a bad Goth) where I can make her skin pale, while emphasizing her beautiful eyes and mouth.

And she has the most beautiful skin, why or why does she want to hide it under a layer of real whiteness, not paleness, whiteness.

But it’s not all bad news according to some recent research from Sussex University which found that unlike many teenage clicks Goths are a very accepting and non-violent group, brownie points there for the Young Wan.

The research also found that “[Goths] are refined and sensitive, keen on poetry and books, not big on drugs or anti-social behaviour. They are also likely to carry on being Goths into their adult life.

“They have an ability to express their feelings and are believers in romance rather than one-night stands. The only thing dark about them is their clothing and their sarcastic sense of humour.

“They are usually intelligent youngsters who have rejected the idea that teenagers must fulfill certain criteria.” (From the BBC website.)

Goths apparently also grow up to be successful, sometimes more so than their peers and go into professions such as law or medicine.

I do not relish the day that I get examined by a doctor who looks in need of a couple of hours in the sun, if the stated research which says many continue in this subculture as an adult is true.
How and ever, maybe I should relax about the white makeup particularly if the Young Wan could become a doctor.

Ah who am I fooling. I hate the white look but I will show her how to do the next best thing, a pale face showing off her beautiful features, I think that’s a compromise, don’t you?

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The Young Wan said...

i like the look i think its lavly and goths are way better then the orange people would you rather me going around tango orange or white i like it!!!!!! and that day we we were 2 seconds away from the house when i put it on litreally 2 seconds and on the way in to the house. rubbed my mouth and yes i did look like i was snacking on coal but it was only me and my mate who is up 4 a laugh and.and 2 orange peopl laughed at me.but at the end of the day do i care what they think NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Boliath said...

I hate to disagree with you YW but yer Ma is a dab hand with the oul make up she always does a fabulous job and she could teach you a thing or two, she could teach me a thing or two as well! You are beautiful, have lovely skin and gorgeous eyes and lips, as your Mum says, let her try at least and if you don't like it, well what have you lost? A few hours? You'll have gained a whole lot and you never know you might like it...

StillWater said...

Wow! Semi permanent make up has alot of uses! But did you know that a woman consumes over 4 to 9 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime! Here is the link that I found that shows all of the research:


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but i'm not a goth or anything, but i am 14 and i do know a thing or two about style and dress in teen culture and needed to express my opinions.

Reading this has just made me angry, my mother would never tell me i was a "wanna-be goth!" she would maybe tell me where i need to tone down, but she wouldn't tell me how to dress and she has never done my make-up, or even offered to, she respects who i am, and how i decide to dress.

Also, the good-goth, bad-goth thing .... ????????

What ..???!!!! You make it sound like all goths are bad! You really shouldn't judge people based on what they look like and how they dress. There is a saying even i know "Never judge a book by it's cover" and please don't tar all goths with the same brush!

Also, i don't know you personally or anything, but i just thought i'd mention, my mums views on fashion and make-up are completely different to mine, she might think something looks really bad, where as i like it - or vice versa.

I am quite sure i am speaking for a lot of people, and these are just my opinions on the matter.

Anonymous said...

If my mum tried to dress me (and if i was a girl, do my makeup), I would be...not so pleased.

Red Mum said...

Thanks for your comments 14 year old, but you should probably read it again, it is tongue in cheek about it all. The good goth/bad goth was actually a joke and if you read it carefully again you will see that I am actually supportive of whatever way people want to dress. But thanks for stopping by.