Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Now you can label your visitors

Statcounter have released a new feature whereby you can label IP addresses, presuming you know for sure the address is who you think it is.

IP Label

I noticed it this morning when I logged in and later today I received this email from statcounter explaining the whole deal.

Dear Red Mum,

Excuse us? What's in a name? A whole lot! That's what!

PARTICULARLY when that name can:

- Help you identify click fraudsters
- Make it easier to see when "the competition" has visited your site
- Identify recurring visitors
- Let you see just how many times your mom has been admiring your site...
So no more spreadsheets, no more post-it notes – now you can name IP addresses which visit your site.

- Login to your account.
- Click the stats for your project.
- Click "Recent Visitor Activity"
- Click the new "Label IP Address"
- Give it a description and you're DONE!

This also works for "Recent Pageload Activity", "Visitor Paths" and the "Recent Visitor Map"!

Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this Rose ;-)

You wanted it. You got it.

StatCounter Team


Cybez said...

I've always wanted to be labelled.

Comment posted @ 20:41 blah blah blah :-)

Jenni said...

Hi Red Mum,

Did you know that you can also label ip address ranges such as 218.*.*.* or 218.*.23.*

It doesn't have to be just an ip address.

Also, just noticed you seem to be a fellow Dubliner - hope you're enjoying "work-life balance day"...!

Thanks for supporting StatCounter!

StatCounter Team

Anonymous said...
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Red Mum said...

Cybez I fight against being labeled all the time, it must work, because I labeled what I presumed to be me, only it wasn't! Then thinking on about it, I have marked that my ip doesn't show..

Jenni thanks for dropping by :)

Boliath said...

Hi hon - asking your for your help over at my place - any ideas?