Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ooohhh I judged you

So I did, well some of you anyway.

Before I go on, I should explain that when I went to the Blog Awards last year and signed in, the lovely woman signing me in said exactly that when she saw I was me, Red Mum.

It's a quare statement and one that stopped me in my tracks! And later I was given a router by herself which has, unfortunately, sat idle, the lack of broadband until Jan being one massive hinderence.

Here I am saying it too. And I was delighted to be asked to judge some categories in then Irish Blog Awards and it wasn't easy.

I looked at Best Blog Post, Best Designed Blog, Best Arts and Culture Blog and Best Videocast. I was hoping for Best Photoblog and Best Personal Blog :) But thems the breaks:)

I know others seemed to tie themselves up in knots with all sorts of criteria, but I decided that I would go through them, considering some of the points highlighted by Damien as well as how they spoke to me and I gave them points accordingly.

Accepting being a judge was one thing, awarding points was another, but I was objective and I am really looking forward to tomorrow, it should be great craic altogether.

I should say the news coverage around the whole evening has been great and is certainly helping to build up the excitement of the night. I should also say to those bloggers who are in the vicinity who are maybe apprehensive about going, I felt the same myself last year, but what I lost in anonymity (which in my case was being lost anyway - another blog for another day) I gained in lots of other ways so do try and make it there. Can't wait see youse all!


Claire said...

You had the same idea as me...tidy now or recover in squalor tomorrow! See you tonight :)

Elana said...

Too bad I didn't judge you this year :-)