Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Daily Mirror blogs

The Daily Mirror (English) has a number of blogs for it's journalists which I discovered by chancing by here at Open. I am surprised I haven't seen the Mirror blogs before considering the amount of news sites I trail. Under one banner the site has loads of different bloggers in different sections. It even has a 'new to blogging' link explaining what it's all about.

"Welcome to the blogs! This exciting new area of our site will allow you to read and comment on the things we’re all talking about. Many of our award winning journalists will be keeping a blog and this is just the beginning. In 2007, we'll be giving you the opportunity to become a "citizen journalist" where your thoughts on topical events will be posted right alongside ours!"

Mirror blogging

I can't see any archives but if you go into read, for example, the editor's blog, there's a handy tag cloud of the articles and one of the top tags is Bee Gees!


It'll be interesting to see how this develops and whether or not it would catch on here, after all there are a number of journalists and columnists blogging. I'll be interested to see the comments, and how they are handled.

Anyway I'm off to tidy this house so I can relax and enjoy tonight without tidying with a hangover in the morning... Thats the plan anyway.


Anonymous said...

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Kav said...

Congrats on the win last night Red Mum.

Coastal Aussie said...

Big, big congratulations on winning Best Personal Blog award ! That's wonderful... I hope everyone had a great night.

seankk said...

How's about ya Red Mum,
Well done on the mighty win last night and keep up the great work. We'll keep th red flag flyin' here etc.

JL Pagano said...

Much congrats Red Mum it was long overdue recognition for your excellent blog :-) I'm really bummed I couldn't make it on the night by all acounts it was a good 'un!

Red Mum said...

Thanks a million everyone :)