Monday, February 26, 2007

Laundry day

SUNDAY is among other things laundry day in our household. Not possessing or having the room in the flat to possess a washing machine is the single most pain in the ar*e in my life.

Doing the laundry

So each Sunday the laundry is trailed down to our local friendly launderette where I negotiate my way through the wash, the spin and finally the dryer.

Doing the laundry

I missed my go on the spinner yesterday because the door wouldn't open on my machine and 15 mins passed before I realised. This meant I had to wait about 45 for the spinner due to the influx of people after me.

Doing the laundry

Thems the rubs, so while I waited I snapped some very contrasty shots with my camera phone. For once I didn't have the real one with me and despite the chat going on at Gingerpixel's the launderette is one place where I would leave the camera behind.

Anyway I have told you before about the launderette rules, so if you shouldn't look at someone's washing, you probably shouldn't take pics of it either...

Doing the laundry

Doing the laundry

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Katherine said...

You should take a game of Monopoly or Cranium down the launderette, you'd be dead popular in no time. And the clothes'd dry quicker.

Kav said...

Not only a pain in the arse not having a machine, but it must cost you a bloody fortune as well. Good pics - brave of you. I'd be too concerned about what people would say to pull out my camera.

Anonymous said...

Busy place your laundrette or washeteria as my Ma used to call it.

No hot bods stripping off their Levis?

I thought it was the YWs job to do the laundry? Was she studying?

Boliath xx