Saturday, February 24, 2007

Eye witness news from the Young Wan

We'll hand over now to the Intrepid reporter Young Wan who is reporting on events in Dublin city centre this afternoon as the historic Ireland versus England rugby match takes place in Croker. She phoned me to say O'Connell Street was mad, so I'll let her tell you herself. As we speak Ireland is winning 29 to 13, GOooooowaaaannn Ireland.

"On my way back from drama it started as a normal afternoon my boyfriend was waiting outside the building with his friend.As we walked into O Connell street it was packed with gardai and riot vans!! so we hung around looking for news. i said to my boyfriend do you think theres going to be trouble? but before he could reply a man walked beside us and said "there WILL be trouble you can count on that!!!" then ironically we heard "GET THE F%CK OUT OF OUR COUNTRY" being shouted from a group of people behind them who were being followed by a couple of gardai.
So then i rang my mam to tell her that im going to walk home because the gardai were stopping the traffic and i did without a i write my boyfriend just texted me saying that a newsagents window on parnell street was broken after someone threw something at it."

I don't know if there will be trouble, it seems as if the Gardai are out in force today, there's apparently 1,000 working the match. We'll see in the next while as the match is nearly finished.

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Declan said...

The gardai arrested 6 people at the protest outside the stadium. I think the protests are minor apparently only 30 people showed up and most of the thugs that caused trouble last time are probably afraid of the rain. Fingers crossed anyway.

Babaloo said...

Just wanted to say Hi (totally unrelated to the post I'm commenting on, I know) and thanks for your comment on my blog. Will be popping in here every now and then now that I've found your blog!
Best wishes from Cork!

Anonymous said...

Hi !

Another eyewitness report here :

Thank You !

Sharon .