Thursday, October 19, 2006

Overheard in Dublin visitors

LISTENING to Ray Darcy on my way to work this morning, they had one of the creators of 'Overheard in Dublin' site talking about the book they are publishing from contributions on the site.

From 9.45am onwards (roughly about the time of the interview) the amount of searches on for 'overheard in Dublin' leading people to here was startling. Just shows you, all those people in work listening to Ray and googling for the site because he was talking about it. Well thats my analysis of it, there are occasional visitors dropping by here (maybe three or four a week) after searching for that but not 40 in two hours.

Thanks Ray :)

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ellybabes said...

Today FM are mad like that, they never read the website addresses out clearly, which means it's a pain in the ass if there's a word in the address that can be spelt one of two ways...