Thursday, October 19, 2006

Quack update on Metro

A QUACK (sorry sorry) update on the Metro or duckgate as TCAL hilariously put it, I was in contact with Metro yesterday and sent them a link to the orginal flickr pic. A short time later the picture desk replied with a price list and details of what to put on the invoice.

It was sent this morning and I just received an email back saying payment would shortly be on it's way.

So pending the arrival of payment I am happy with the outcome.

I still think it is off publishing a photograph in a profit-making publication or the like without permission. What if I had a moral/principled problem against a publication or indeed one of my pics used to illustrate a story I do not agree with or if a photograph is taken out of context for an article?

But that is just hypothetical situations which in fairness could easily arise for any of us. I have no problem with Metro on a story like 'where are our ducks' provided my permission is sought for the pics use and payment forthcoming. The no byline is annoying but fair play to Metro for not quibbling about payment and being prompt with their replies. When the cheque arrives I will take a pic of it before cashing it.

And once again I was blown away by the support of my fellow bloggers, it (including your comments here and on others sites and emails) has all been much appreciated.

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danger said...

Good work!

Daragh said...

Woohoo, nice one! :)

Dervla said...

Nice to see they responded so efficiently. Enjoy spending the dosh :-)

Boliath said...

Happy the fessed up and coughed up - not too happy that they did it in the first place tho...what if you hadn't seen it? What if it was a flickr poster from another country who would never see it - they shouldn't have done it in the first place, that's what is wrong. Can you stop your pictures being downloaded from Flickr?

Claire said...

That's great Redmum, well done for chasing them up on it.

Just curious...did you get any kind of apology or admission of wrongdoing from them? Other than a nice fat cheque of course ;)

cc said...

Go on ya girl ye!!

maca said...

What do you mean by this?

"the picture desk replied with a price list"

Did they tell you how much they were willing to pay for it? That would piss me off even more and I'd demand twice what they were offering.

Donal said...

The same thing has just happened to me. The Cork Jazz Festival brochure has one of my pictures in it, which I only noticed when I was flicking through it. I've kindly asked for a photography pass for the jazz festival which if not forthcoming will be followed by a not so kind request for payment. How much did you charge by the way? Email me, if you don't mind, if you don't want to say it here. Cheers.

Red Mum said...

I meant to get back to people on the price issue before now but forgot, sorry about that.

They have a list of picture sizes with corresponding payments.