Monday, September 11, 2006

Overheard in Dublin

I WAS out with my pal walking her teething and sometime-cranky ten-week-old baby in an attempt to get the poor baby to sleep.

We passed an apartment complex where we heard one of the occupiers before we saw her.

“No I ordered an Indian, an I N D I A N! she said in a loud D4 accent.

When we turned the corner we saw this woman arguing with a fast-food delivery fella who happened to be Chinese.

“We ordered an INDIAN not a Chinese!

This went on for too long, the poor fella was just trying to deliver her Indian takeaway.

We moved on before we could hear the ending, no doubt she was just hilarious.

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1 comment:

Declan said...

He should have told her that he was Vietnamese and totally blow her narrow litte mind :-)