Thursday, September 07, 2006

On the Young Wan and the doggie

I STARTED this post with the Young Wan writing random things about our doggie and then realised before I do that I should actually do it about the Young Wan and finish with the doggie. Although Honey the dog is part of the family, she is not top of the pecking order so it is over to the Young Wan;

On the Young Wan:
  • She is an absolute stunner, I know all parents think this, but it is true.
  • She listens to music that make my ears want to bleed.
  • She has lost countless numbers of my CDs as well as scratching and ruining them.
  • Her approach and easy nature with all sorts of people is something to see indeed. She is amazing.
  • She makes me lovely cups of tea at the weekend.
  • She is very funny.
  • There is perfectly round oil stain on our high ceiling from when she threw a dollop of butter up there. I didn't find that funny at all.
  • She also talks a lot of teen rambling nonsense.
  • Sometimes her make up is too heavy and then other times I think WOW I can’t let her out of this flat.
  • Her room is currently the biggest kip in the world, seriously it really is.
  • When she was three she emptied our bean-bag and pushed the polystyrene balls around every corner and nook and cranny of the living room, I kept finding them for months.
  • She could say I love you from she was under a year old.
  • She has always been an affectionate and loving child.
  • She is silently stubborn.
  • She thinks I am a pain in the arse.
  • She is a great reader except for the fact she often reads Harry Potter over and over and over again.
  • At the age of 7 to 8 she had a reading capacity which matched 12 year olds according to school tests.
  • She is very quick minded and smart.
  • She is a wanna-be goth.
  • She hates me saying that, which makes me say it all the more.
  • She is a lot of fun.
  • She is a great travelling companion.
  • She has travelled much more than I have.
  • She has two boyfriends on the go at the moment.
  • She speaks Irish, I don’t.
  • She loves YouTube.
  • She is growing up too fast.
On the Doggie

beaches are grrreeeaatt
  • When we are having dinner she does this mad roll around the floor bending about the place move while making all sorts of doggie noises, she stops and then looks at you as if to say ‘aren’t I really cute?
  • When she wants to get up on a Saturday morning as you are trying to have a lie-in, she will sit right up at/on your head touching your nose with her nose.
  • Sometimes she has a complete small dog syndrome and barks like crazy at big dogs walking past.
  • She has regular wars with our cushions and pillows, I think she wins.
  • She knows a couple of tricks including roll-over, walking on two legs, burling, give me five and we are working on more.
  • When she thinks she is going to get a lovely treat and you say ‘sit’ she gets all excited and does all her tricks at once in record speed, it is so funny.
  • She will sit and let kids pat her too hard, pull her tail, slobber over her because she loves being loved by wee people.
  • She loses all rhyme and reason around footballs. When she sees people playing with one she will howl, pull away hard, go mental to play too.
  • She has burst every ball belonging to my pal’s kids and I should say a couple of pal’s kids. Once again sorry!
The World IS flat
  • She can’t swim but she kinda likes the sea.
  • When I am not home she apparently runs to the window with every bus that passes.
  • She recognises suitcases being packed and does not like it.
  • She isn’t too fond of her travel backpack but associates it with going to a beach sometimes.
  • She loves the beach.
  • She can get travel sick.
  • We get the best welcome home in the world ever, every night.
  • She loves apples and will play with it like a football, take a bite and play some more.
  • She would play all night and all day if you let her.
  • She loves chasing pigeons.
  • When she is allowed to sleep with me she will force me somehow away from my side of the bed while I am sleeping.
  • Sometimes I wake up in the morning and she is lying with her head on the pillow beside me.
  • Her hair/fur is everywhere, everywhere.
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KnackeredKaz said...

She has two boyfriends. Two. And she's 14. And I have none. And I'm 27.

That is all.

cp said...

that could be describing our dog - shes as thick as a bag of hammers but just brilliant - she gets up on chairs through the loop in the arm instead of just up through the front - and shes not that small
and spiders are a big no no !

Emma in Canada said...

Apparently if you rub peanut butter all over a scratched CD and then wipe it off it will be fine.