Wednesday, March 29, 2006

13 days and counting

FOR THOSE of you who pop by here now and again know my regular rants (here and here for starters) about the state of the Young Wan’s bedroom.

She was told 13 days ago that her pal could stay the night once her room was done. It wasn’t and each night this week she has gone into ‘finish’ it off.

Finish what a joke, it is worse now that it was before and this is despite going in night after night, and over another weekend, yet I am afraid to go in.

I mean really afraid, I know if I go in I am going to lose the plot. So I have resisted so far.

Now do not get me wrong, people always respond to shut the door or that I seem a bit obsessed by it.

Maybe I am, I do not know. But I do know that since the new bed arrived in September, I have not seen it finished yet.

Bear in mind I took time off work and cleared out her room in September, I heaved a big high-rise bed up the stairs having spent hours filling and lifting out bin bags of too small clothes and the most extraordinary amount of rubbish.

She just had to do the finishing touches… I am still waiting.

But I can get over that.

What I can’t get over now is the fact that despite being told each night go in and do that room, she has done everything else.

Even on Mothers’ Day I asked for no present, I didn’t want anything except for the room to be tidy. It feels like it will be next Mothers’ Day before I get what I want.

And in fairness I know most teenagers are messy, dirty animals, I know that. I do actually understand it. But at some point they will be tidied and cleaned up and relieved of the dishes and spoons which are lurking round the four corners of her room.

Once it is done I will leave it be for a time until it needs another overhaul. I’ll be happy to shut the door on a messy room, but I want a concerted effort made once in a while.

So here I am 13 days and counting.

Here’s a pic of the dog escaping. This is as far as I am tempted to go near the room. And this is just for starters, I am going to do a daily countdown though I do not expect results by tomorrow. But soon, or the google video threat will be resurrected.

I'm a doggie get me outta here

I'm a doggie - Get me outta here

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Boliath said...

LOL she is taking the piss now, when the clothes are falling out the door there's a problem! Pats to the lovely doggie...

Emma in Canada said...

I don't know, Red Mum, I still think mine has the messier room. And when she goes into clean it, it just seems to get worse.

I am taking advantage of my mother this weekend and we are remocing the majority of her stuff, something I have been threatening for ages and will finally follow through. I'd like to think that if all she has in there are a bed, a dresser and a closet full of clothes it will be impossible to leave in a mess. Of course, the clothes are usually the culprit.

plurabella said...

Oh that poor doggie; give the dog the room, put the child in the kennel.....

omaniblog said...

I'm with Emma on this. We all know that the bigger the filing cabinet the greater the number of files. The bigger the suitcase the more clothes we need.

So, the greater the number of clothes, the wider the pile of clothes.

How about some groundrules:

1 Any new item of clothing (or shoes) may only be introduced after the discarding of two old items.

2 Same regarding technology...

3 All friends invited to sleepover in a tidy space. If the only tidy space is mother's room, so be it...

4 I never count the days. That's a mug's game. I can wait for ever. It's to you when you tidy your room. But that doesn't change the groundrules. I no longer care how tidy your room is.

omaniblog said...

One more:

5 No dogs in untidy rooms...