Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Dublin Community Blog

I'VE just done my inaugural post on the Dublin Community Blog which is a new site set up by Daragh and it is looking good.

There is a great cross-section of writers ( Daragh, Bernie, Conformist #1, Dec, Wayne, Karlin, and Rick) so it should be very interesting and fun to watch it develop.

It uses WordPress which I have never used before and the resulting inaugural post was only after four attempts all of which ended up gone via the delete button.

But I seem to have managed to post successfully though I would like the pics to be bigger. And took out some pics because they were so small they were distracting more than enhancing the post. Ah well you live and learn.

I have since configured my Flickr account to submit pics that way to the Dublin Community Blog. We’ll see I suppose there’s a bit of trial and error.

Check it out here.

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