Monday, March 27, 2006

Flickr meet-ish and a new camera

I WAS out and about over the weekend meeting up with a fellow Flickrer from the States who was in Ireland for a couple of weeks, howdie Mymsie.

As well as meeting herself I also spent the day checking out how exactly to work the new Nikon D50 camera I use for work, just snapping whatever to get comfy and able with this new snazzy fantastic camera. And the help/advice/tips from Mymsie helped bucketloads.

Wizard in <st1:place w:st=

Here are some of the results, as always you can check out the ones I have processed so far here.

Wiggy Madness

Temple Bar Organic market

Buskers in Temple Bar

Out on the town - Grafton Street

Hapenny bridge

View large here.

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The Phantom said...

You take excellent photos.

Have you used other photo services than Flickr?

Red Mum said...

I have only ever really used Flickr, its just so easy and versatille.
Thanks for the comment!