Friday, March 24, 2006

From the top of a double-decker bus

SPENDING as much time on buses as I do you get your own routine to while away the time just sitting.

For me it involves either my ipod, camera or a newspaper depending on whether or not I have caught the bus before reaching the newsagents.

Last year I began working on my ‘Travels on the bus’ set of pics, well you have to have something to do in traffic madness. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Here are the latest pics added to the set taken yesterday morning and I was delighted with both of them. One is poignant and sad, the other is more fun.

Begging at the Bank of Ireland

Say Cheese Molly, or should that be cockles!

Say 'Cheese' Molly, or should that be say 'Cockles'!

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Fence said...

I've often had the same idea, you see some great stuff fromt he top of a bus, but I never bring my camera with me.

Plus, how did you manage to get such clear shots through the grime of Dublin Bus windows?

Red Mum said...

The worst thing about the windows is scratches where someone has scrawled their name or the such, you can just about make one out at the top right hand corner of the molly malone picture.

If they are not too bad, the camera focuses on the subject in the distance and any marks on the window sometimes do not make an impact.

Sometimes they do and it just adds to the picture.

Omaniblog said...

I've been looking forward to more in this series. Do you take lots and then delete most of them?

Looking at the cockles photo, I can't see any window marks.

Did you read the blogs about privacy and photography? About the drama surrounding the blog awards night? Fascinating debate, but I hope people don't start saying that you need permission to take and publish any photo.