Friday, July 22, 2005

Apparently I haven't a clue... and this commentator has...

While I had every intention of writing about this today following a piece I read in the Irish Indo today. But I am writing it earlier than I meant to after reading this comment to one of my posts from yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Did you actaully see the auction on Ebay?? I think Not. U havent a clue wot ur talkin about. The pictures sara put up were NOT indecent. OK, she could have thought it through better, but if you had read the ad on Ebay you would understand her plight. The press have made a mountain out of this and turned her life upside down. People should shut thier mouths until they know all the facts. As for people accessing the site...Its Ebay for christs sake! Theres worse out there!
1:39 PM

It is clear that I have more of a clue than yourself. Apart from anything else, being a parent myself as you say yourself she certainly could have thought it through A LOT better.

Your response leads me to believe that you are not a parent. I have spoken to other parents about this and EVERY single one was horrified at this story, no exceptions and no excuses. You can and probably will 'claim' to also be a parent, but to be honest after reading your comment, I would not believe you. I do not know one single parent who finds this behaviour acceptable.

Where did I say the pictures were indecent? if YOU knew what you were talking about, you would see that I never once said anything of the sort. It doesn't take a genius to work out that pix do not have to be indecent to be inappropriate. I have posted pics of my daughter on flickr but as I have already said they are for viewing by invited people, ie family and friends, only, though there is nothing indecent about them I do not want them viewed by all and sundry, that's not the bloody point.

Anyway, this is what was said in the newspaper article which backs up what I said yesterday. Read on and learn something….

From today's Irish Independent
PARENTS should take extreme care when posting pictures of their children on public internet sites that they do not fall into the hands of paedophiles, a leading Irish expert on child exploitation has warned.

The expert goes on to say: “people do not realise that paedophiles do not necessarily have to see sexually explicit images. Many also collect close-up pictures of pretty children or pictures of children in innocent poses.

"Many of them collect, for example, clothing catalogues for the purpose of looking at pretty children. It's called child erotica.”

Read the rest of the story here:

I don’t need to see the pictures to question the method of madness in what that woman did. I don’t need to see the pictures of her children bathing to think that no plight you suffer is worth your child’s pic becoming titillating fodder for some perverted f*cker.

And your argument of ‘there are worse sites out there’, is just lame, so what! It is not somehow better that the naked pictures of her kids bathing appeared on e-bay as opposed to some other worst sites! Ehm is this because paedophiles are known for not accesing ebay?!?! That is surely some twisted logic you have there!

You might have sympathy for the mother, I am sure her life has been turned upside down, but it has been done so because she took an action which left her children’s images at the behest of paedophiles. Naive or not, that is the bottom line and that is why people and the media have jumped on this.

Aside from anything else, if this stops another foolish parent from doing the same and maybe thinking more about their actions, fantastic.

Read my previous post again and give my head peace.


JL Pagano said...

It's amazing how well learned in the General Nature of Everything these Anonymous commenters are without having the balls to put their name to their opinions...

marie b. said...

the excuse that there's worse out there is the oldest in the book. anonymous should come up with more sound and rational reasoning than that, if they can.

now that i know the details behind the story, i'm shocked.

what made this woman think that she wasn't doing something wildly unsafe and inappropriate? good lord.

thordora said...

dontcha just LOVE people who hide behind anon?

Yeah, the Mother made a craptastic decision, and now she's paying for it by most bloggers calling her, at the very least, a blithering moron. I mean come on, if you're hard up for money, who in their right mind thinks that a picture of their kid will get much?

And most of us are creeped out by the adverts with children, ESPECIALLY diaper ads. Doesn't make what you did cool lady.
I'd much rather she'd have posted on a blog about her plight, and asked people for a dollar each. Look how much that one idiot got who admitted SHE ran up her debts buying shit!


Red Mum said...

We were talking about this last night and why didnt she put suggestive pics of herself on the net, there are more than enough websites to cater for that!!!
And I am not suggesting at all that the pics she sent were dodgy, BUT they were pics of the children naked bathing, as it said in the news article, I am quite sure these would be classed as 'child erotica'.

marie b. said...

good point, redmum.

jordie said...

What a lucrative and very ugly pursuit this has resulted in. It seems like the only innocents in this vile business is the poor children. It is their purity that potentially awaited being defiled. Thank heaven for the honoured intentions of those involved in highlighting the dangers of mixing children, photography and the internet. Well said Redmum spoken from a mother and teacher.

KT said...

Fantastic insights here Mum- I am often shocked at the levels of personal info being sussed out by assorted bloggers on the internet. It is one thing to reveal that you have a child, provided you are not giving out your address or other telling details, but it is another matter entirely to publish photos of your child on the net. I have seen people post photos of children and their home in great detail, even exterior shots of the house that could easily be found if some sick shit wanted to. It's really sad but it's just a fact of life- you need to be vigilant in the protection of your children. This issue is not being addressed in the US of all places, where it should be paramount.