Thursday, July 21, 2005

The young wan replies to Red Mum

THE young wan has asked to make a post to Red Mum. This should be interesting… though I reserve the right to reply, of course.

YOUNG WAN: This is the young wan and I’m really misunderstood I can be a bit of a buerk at times but I’m pretty sound the rest of the time. My mum annoys me 2 u know. I’m not the bad guy. My mum is always nagging me I know it’s part of my mum's job but can she ever give me a break sometimes.

RED MUM: Ehm no! And ehm who said you were the bad guy? I have only ever said you were a teenage monster, does that amount to the same thing???

YOUNG WAN: A lot of things annoy me sometimes, dishes, low music, hint hint Mum.

RED MUM: Nonsense, music is the one thing I really try not to nag about.

YOUNG WAN: Well that is true… I am not against my Mum, I am just in-between and you snore.

RED MUM: Pot kettle black as they say. I suppose the snoring is another example of her mother’s daughter.

YOUNG WAN: And I think body piercings are cool and I am going to get one on my tongue as soon as I am old enough.

RED MUM: Like bloody hell. (in response to this posting)

YOUNG WAN: Rebel, rebel, rebel.

RED MUM: *yawn* been there, done that, blah blah tshirt… and with the young wan I might add…
Okay, okay, the young wan didn't say buerk, she actually said something else which I do not want to be part of the language in our conversations, and I do think thats fair enough.


Anonymous said...

ah redmum now we get a glimpse of the craic from the young wan! she is certain to be as full of chat as her ma. Roll on the piercings teenager (when you're old enough or redmum will murder me)

Anonymous said...

Loved hearing from the young wan. Let's hear more from her. I enjoyed reading her contribution. Really like the site.

Admiring reader