Sunday, July 24, 2005

Some unsavoury and suspect visitors have come a calling

THIS is creepy but following my previous posts on the pics of children for sale on e-bay posted by their mother, I discovered two very unsavoury search engine inquiries which brought suspect surfers to my site.

The first was from India and their search consisted of the words “child bathing pix” which as you can imagine, I found very disturbing, however it was the search I found later that really shocked me.

This time the perv seemed to come from Germany via Nicaragua somehow and they hit my site having used the words “naked childs private photo album”.

Is that not enough to send a chill down your spine?

These people are out there and are using the best catalogue in the world for their sick obsessions; frightening, isn’t it? Does that not back up all my arguments in the last number of posts.

And this is to those perverts in case they come back, though I doubt it as I am sure my site is not to their tastes, this is just to let them know I have their ip address and they can be traced easily.

That also goes to any future visitors of that ilk as well.


marie b. said...

that's why i stopped having my journal indexed.

i use heavy language and talk about my family and childhood, and i post my photography too. i'd find searches such as "child abuse fuck photographs" or something along those lines practically every day, and sometimes get emails asking me why they couldn't find anything when they eventually clicked through.

it's unbelievable, and so disturbing.

IrishEyes said...

You may discover that some of the IPs looking for child porn are actually police services. That's what I saw when using

If you write about mainstream concerns--and child porn is a mainstream concern--you're going to see a steady stream of pervs. You cannot write about porn without attracting those who want it. Even if you tell your robots.txt file that you don't want to be indexed, if someone points to you after a Tribune citation, you're could be connected with the keyword concept even though you think you're well outside the reach of the search engine crawlers.

No fewer than 100 people a day come to my blog looking for sex. And I write mainly about technology. Fewer come looking for 13-year-olds because your coverage of that end of the spectrum is more recent than mine.

Red Mum said...

My god 100 visitors looking for sex, the most hits I've had here have been on the word 'array' for some reason (about 8 searches).

The point I was making was just highlighting something that we already know that paedophiles are out there and making great use of the internet. (though as you say the searches here could be down to police services - what an awful but necessary job)

Irisheyes said...

I don't know what's a tolerable sex percentage but 100 out of 1000 for sex is around 10% looking for it. The percent per hour increases with sunset across the time zones from the originating IPs.

What's more alarming is the parents who aren't aware what's attracting the attention of cyberfriends to their pre-teen's computers. You're smart enough to look for referrers. I think all parents should be educated in the methods available to monitor the browsing patterns of their kids. From what I overhear while walking my stray dog, there are patterns of behaviour happening over broadband that would startle many Irish parents in my estate.

Red Mum said...

It is frightening but thankfully for me, at the moment, my daughter isn't into the internet, yet! I'm sure it will be a worry for the future.

When she is on the internet, its done in the living room and I generally need to give her a hand now and again. And she just trawls through sites about Kurt Cobain.

Though in the next wee while I should install one of those nanny programmes to stop her accessing things she shouldn't.

Though I'm sure what you are talking about irisheyes doesn't concern the more ehm 'colourful' sites on the internet and more about the things they are getting up to with friends etc.

It is a big worry though, the chatrooms, all sorts of things, and as you said, I am sure many parents would be shocked at whats going on. You need to watch them like a hawk, you really do.