Monday, July 25, 2005

The Sunday Tribune's Blogosphere column

I HAD a lovely surprise when I opened the Sunday Tribune yesterday at the end of what was, on the whole, a very relaxing and lovely weekend.


We have a perfect Sunday routine in our house, sometimes if I’ve been out for a quick pint on Saturday night I’m able to get Sunday on a Saturday, if you know what I mean.

That's when the Sunday papers arrive into the local shops and newspaper vendors around 10pm on a Saturday night, so you walk home from the pub normally with a pint of milk, something for breakfast in the morning, ie rashers, sausages, the makings of a fry, and the Sunday papers. Bliss.

While I have them in the house and they are tempting, I try not to read them until Sunday morning, cos that’s Sunday paper time.

I don’t like to sit in bed with them, though it is perfectly acceptable, I prefer sitting at my table.

This weekend, I didn’t venture beyond the supermarket, so the other weekend routine in our house kicked in and that is when the young wan will get up in the morning, lead up the doggie and go the shops for the papers.

When she came back armed with the goodies yesterday morning, I had barely supped my first of many cups of tea when I saw that Joe Bloggs had once again included Red Mum in Blogosphere, the Sunday Tribune’s weekly round-up of Irish blog coverage.

You know the way there are always certain sections of newspapers that you go to, for me it’s the letters page, Sunday paper magazine supplements, (reading the news goes without saying) well Joe Bloggs column became a regular read for me.

It was a great place to check out other blogs which led to other sites and generally discovering the Irish blogging community.

So you can imagine that I was thrilled to bits to find myself included that first time, particularly as I had only just started.

And this week I was delighted once again and showed it to the young wan who laughed heartily.

Have a read below, Joe Bloggs writes about my post on our trip to Easons to get the latest Harry Potter book, and in case you missed the last one which was about (at the time) the forthcoming U2 concert and my feelings on that, I am including that below too.

If you can’t blow your own trumpet, who will?




Sinéad said...

Spotted that yesterday, well done. It was a very entertaining post even for a non-Potter fan like me. :)

JL Pagano said...

Congrats indeed.

I got a passing mention a while back [I'm saying that to empathize NOT to go NANANA I WAS FIRST...]so I know how you feel.

doris said...

Wow! That's fantastic :-) Must be fun to read your own words quoted in the Sunday papers :-) Well deserved!

Red Mum said...

Ha ha Jl, I believe I saw the piece concerning your post about Q&A, wasn't it?

It's a big thrill to be mentioned twice in Blogosphere, you think columns like that would generally go for the more controversial or larger and more established blogs, so it's very cool to be included, isn't it. (not that i am saying that yours isnt all of those things of course (shutting up now)).

JL Pagano said...

LOL I think we both appreciate the equal mutual admiration for each other's blogs!!!

Boliath said...

Congratulations, well deserved, you've become addictive :c)