Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Overview of 2007

I HAVE had most of this post written for over a week now listing the top pages on the site during 2007. I had hoped to do a bit more work to it, but not having the internet at home has put paid to that so I am just going to put it up now as is.

A quick trawl through Google analytics has shown me the top ten pages here during 2007.

1. Red Mum homepage
2. Podge and Rodge classic quotes
3. Post your secret to Twenty
4. Talking Pictures
5. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
6. World School Photos
7. Yet another Moo card use – moofobs
8. Leinster ladies are not bruisers
9. Where are the mini-pops now
10. Is your child an emo?

The top posts of posts actually written during 2007 are:

1. Stomach bug anyone?
2. Rainy Days
3. Happy International Womens’ Day
4. Gizzajob
5. Great Irish Women part 4 – Mary Field Rosse
6. Let Sleeping teens lie
7. Great Irish Women part 3 – Susan Jocelyn Bell
8. Discover Ireland – all these highs and lows
9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
10. Moving on – a big rant

Other honourable mentions (well I consider them honourable) are the Junior Cert entries, Grumpy Old Women and the Belfast Flickr Meet up.

The top 10 referring sites to here are:

1. Google images
4. Twenty Major
8. Slugger O’Toole
10. Dublin

Coming up close behind are Arse end of Ireland, Flickr, Bloglines, Sinead Gleeson, Jason Roe and Gingerpixel. Many thanks to you all, I hope this site has reciprocated in some way back.

The top key words are nothing out of the ordinary as in they are keywords you would expect.
1. Red Mum
2. Podge and Rodge
3. bebo names
4. Overheard in Dublin
5. The boy in the striped pyjamas
6. Guilty Pleasures
7. Stomach bug
8. Emo phrases
9. Post your secret
10. Regulation knickers

There were also some other strange searches, aren’t there always, such as “Red Mum – what does she look like?” or “Who is Red Mum?”, “teenagers who lie” and loads more, some 25,000 of them so there is no way I can get through them all.

I also had a fun year with photography. You may have seen some of these before but here is a month by month round up of some of the images I took last year.

January - Rainy day on Baggot Street

Walkin in the rain

Rainy Day

February - Shots taken during filming of Capital D feature on Dublin bloggers.

My bags are packed...

March - Lots and lots of photo ops during March

St Patrick's Day-19

St Patrick's Day St Patrick's Day

Viewing Dublin from Smithfield

April - Full moon and chimney pots

Full moon - handheld


May - Dogs, shoes and little feet, oh yeah and elections...

How much is that... are those doggies in the window


Little feet

The Count The Count

The Count

June - Into the West and rest and rain




July - Jesus loves, more elections and strange sights

John Jesus loves you

Seanad Election

Horse in Alley

August - Turkey lots and lots of Turkey


Tuesday market


Bodrum Airport

September - Flickr meet

Custom House Square - Belfast Flickr Meet Up

Leaping and a-hoppin

Street Entertainer

October - Free Burma and commuting

Burma protest

O Connell Street

Morning commute


November - Rain

Driving rain

Rainy morning on the bus

December - Far too much

Far too much Bertie

Hapenny Bridge

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