Monday, November 13, 2006

Yet another Moo card use post - Moofobs

SINCE I received my freebie Moo cards and then my ordered and purchased Moo cards like many others I have been wondering about all the other uses for these cute wee things.

These thoughts included ordering them for friends with pics relevant to them and their details, Christmas cards, change of address cards when I saw via Damien's blog what Meg did with hers in the form of cool fridge magnets, not to mention the cool pics she took also of the process.

Then it came to me, laminated key fobs... Moofobs

So here's the step-by-step on how to make your own laminated Moo key fob. Sorry the pics are not as artistic as Meg's but hey.

You will need a laminating pouch (available from stationary shops), a laminating machine or an iron, tinfoil (if you are using the iron option) and key rings (the actual plain rings), some books for pressing, scissors and thats it.

More Moo

If you are lucky enough to have a laminating machine in work, you are in luck for perfect little key fobs. Open up the laminating pouch and add your Moo cards.

More Moo

Now if you don't have a laminator, don't worry. It turned that the one I wanted to use was broken so I thought, well I might try an iron - that could work. So I did. For those of you who will be able to machine laminate them do and skip to the appropriate step ahead.

More Moo

Lie up the moo cards in the laminating pouch which has been placed on top of tin foil. Then place another sheet of foil over the pouch, to protect your iron and cards.

More moo

Iron with a hot setting, being careful not to spend too much time on any one spot. You can go back over parts which haven't taken.

More Moo

Once you have ironed the sheet and they are laminated. Place a couple of heavy books on top to flatten the sheet. Two of mine didn't take as well as I would have liked but those that did look great.

Mooore Moo

Then cut them out.

Moore Moo

Then admire them for ages and insist on showing your pal them over and over again. 'Did you see this one?' God I am sad.

More MOo

Then get your hole puncher, line up the Moo card and punch a hole for your keyring.

More Moo

More Moo

My moo card key fob

Viola, you have a Moofob. And here's my first one in action in my handbag.

My moo card key fob

I am also going to adapt Meg's idea and use these as fridge magnets. Most of my friends have kids who love fridge magnets, being laminated they will stay lovely and clean and washable.

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danger said...

Love it.

cc said...

Pretty soon Blue Peter will be head-hunting you Redmum!!

Meg said...

Great idea - and wonderful step-by-step instructions! Now, I just need to find a laminator...

Stacy said...

Most copy shops (Kinko's), print shops, or office supply stores will laminate for you pretty inexpensively.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Instead of a heat laminator, other DIY ideas for laminating are: 1. using contact paper or 2. clear duct tape or 3. Xyron - but they might not be as thick as regular heat laminate. Thanks for the fun idea!

Anonymous said...

they're on to you. Now they're providing these services for flickr users! grrrr.

Jenny said...

You my dear are brillient! Thank you so much. I have a laminater that's on the shelf, just sitting there waiting and it NEVER occured to me for a second.

wow power leveling said...
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