Friday, November 10, 2006

Most interesting Flickr stuff

HERE'S a link to an interview in last weekend's Guardian with Flickr founders Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield where they speak about inadvertently (seriously) setting up Flickr when trying to set up a multi-player online game. (Spotted earlier on Flickr Blog) Amazing stuff. Here's a link to a written article but the MP3 has much more and therefore is more or should I say most interesting considering where this post is going to go.

Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield, photograph by Patrick Fraser

It turns out even the founders are amazed by people's creativity in using the site and how it has developed with help from the aforementioned creative members. They speak about the social networking side of it all as well as mentioning a couple of the active groups on the site such as In Numerical Order. I like a lot of these groups, they give me ideas for projects and inspire me. So it is cool to hear what the founders think of it all. And to think Flickr was not their original intention.

And even more/most interesting for me (ha) is the fact that there are one million pictures uploaded each day so making the top 500 most interesting is quite a feat.

I was delighted to see yesterday that my Close Storm pic was number 2 for May 27, 2005 only trouble is that it has dropped to number 42 today. Ah well, that is the nature of it all.


This table shows you the highest ranking of the photo in Flickr.

12 hours ago:42
22 hours ago:3
31 hours ago:2
3 days ago:4
4 days ago:3
5 days ago:6
6 days ago:2
7 days ago:44

It'll probably drop out of the ranking altogether over time.

This next pic was number one for a long time for September 26, 2005 but has since dropped up and down and up and down.

You've been framed

I haven't had any in the top 500 since my ducks pic back in June (I won't post it again since the duckgate incident saw it posted here loads of times, I fear the Irish blogosphere will throw ducks at me for posting it again.) But I am delighted the little doggie made it in April reaching the dizzy heights of 191 . I think the most photos I have had in the Most Interesting is 22.

I'm running

Donncha has more thoughts here on Flickr's Most Interesting. There are many things behind the mysterious workings of Flickr's Most Interesting, you can read more about it here also. And find out if you have made the most interesting list with this handy search page.

My creation
This is from April 2006.

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topgold said...

I really like the social nature of Flickr and even more now that I know many of my students in college use Flickr's mailbox as their direct mail system. They get no spam when connecting through Flickr's mail system.

Bill said...

That storm picture has the look of a Jack Yeats painting. Or is it just me?