Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Honey's ears - 365

WOW that hit hard, I've been offline mostly over the last two weeks having been hit hard by a cold, that turned into flu before settling on being a full-blown nasty chest infection. More than two weeks after the first sniffle I have drugs and a referring letter for a chest x-ray if things don't get better, thankfully I don't think I'll be using it.

So now I need to catch up particularly with my 365 (not least because I want to move the mountain of photographs from recent weeks off my laptop onto my backup hard drive). I'll do it in dribs and drabs and of course there are no images from some of the days when I couldn't lift my head off the settee. (I half thought of taking a lying down shot showing my little table with flu paraphernalia, ie heaps of snotty tissues, cough bottle, lemsip and paracetamol - but it never got beyond the thinking stages.)

Here's the first catch up, from April 26th. Just so you know I am not yet 40 (check out the balloon in the pic from a birthday party I was at, brought home for the doggie who LOVES balloons.) The other thing to note as well is that this pic was taken on a Sunday which sees our house resembling a Chinese laundry with drying clothes hanging off every possible place, hence the towels drying over the kitchen door. There's a lot wrong with the pic (ie exposure, focus etc) , but look at those ears :)



Phil said...

Glad to hear you're back to yourself again!

hmmon said...

I only subscribed a few weeks ago but have missed your photos - welcome back and hope you're feeling better!

Red Mum said...

So am I Phil, sorry I missed your Phoenix Park outing. Hope it went well.

@hmmmon ach you wee charmer you, I have a few weeks to catch up on, I can't promise much though. Thanks for the kind words.

Audrey said...

very cheeky indeed