Friday, March 28, 2008

Honey and the balloons

I told you before how Honey loves balloons and I caught some of her playing with one this afternoon.


Coastal Aussie said...

Aw, that's so cute. And Honey is so clever to know where to hold onto the balloon. Although, despite her skills, I'm still surprised the balloon doesn't pop. My dog does the same kinda thing with an empty soft drink bottle, I've never thought to try a balloon, must give it a go. :)

P.S. You may have forgotten as it was a little while ago now. But, thank you for following me on Twitter. Your blog was the first one I ever read, and equally so, your name was the first one I thought of when I was having a look at Twitter. And when you responded in kind, I was so flattered that it made me feel all delighted and shy. I just haven't gotten the knack of what to say on there yet, especially as I want to talk with the Irish bloggers, but I'm out of step with Ireland, time-wise, but hopefully I will figure it out at some stage. :)

Red Mum said...

@Coastal Aussie she also loves empty drink bottles too. In fact she has been known to knock full bottles of coke off the table cos she wants to play with them. She is also methodical with what she does with them. First going mad chasing it all over the floor, then she takes the label off, then the lid and then licks the last of the coke from the bottle.

And regarding twitter just jump in with both feet, the conversations range in time and content and all contributions are always welcome :) Looking forward to seeing you there.