Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fashion rewind

OVER Christmas Nanny bought the Young Wan a waistcoat which was practically identical to one I had in years past. I had many at different stages and the one the Young Wan has came from a man's suit just like my favourites did.

She hasn't worn it yet because she was waiting to get a large white shirt to wear under it and she came in with one tonight. She also came in with skin-tight white pinstripe jeans and coloured hair extensions.

During the hour and a half it took her to get the dishes done, she had back-combed her hair madly, put in the green, electric blue and pink extensions; and I can't help but think when she gets the waistcoat and shirt on she will look just like Russell Brand. She is better looking of course, but still she will look like Russell Brand. I'm eh so proud.


Deborah said...

She reminds me of myself as a teenager! What a funny time... so eager to be different but so needing to fit in! ;-) Just wait until she decides she's vegetarian... my poor mother!

And who on earth decided it was a good thing to bring waistcoats back? ;-)

paddy said...

my little brother (theres 16 years between us) has been moping around looking like the Edge circa Joshua Tree without the baldiness. Waistcoat, braces, silly bloody hat and a pair of docs. Still claims he hates u2 though.

Red Mum said...

@Deborah - we already had the veggie stage, prompted by a veggie friend who ahs since gone back to meat, and Babe. Fortunately she was too fond of bacon for it to last long...

@Paddy he sounds like a skinhead (without the baldiness) circa mid 1980s!