Monday, May 04, 2009

Next time I think I'm gonna take the train

FIRSTLY big apologies for not posting before now, but on top of being mad busy I got smitten with a nasty flu. I could feel it working on me for a couple of days and then thump it hit me, and other than mad delirious bursts of energy when I managed to get some groceries and cleaning done, I have been floored.

While I am still feeling it, or should I say coughing, spluttering and snuffling it, I needed to go to Belfast today. So I went to bed early on Sunday night, got up this morning and decided that I would take the bus. After all they run every hour and cost half as much as the train. Bad move.

Of course we got stuck in a line of crazy traffic on the way, traffic all bound for Newry. I couldn't really complain as I brought a small overnight case on wheels to get some shopping myself. Despite the long tailbacks we still made it into Belfast in good time.

So I did my running about, stopped and had a coffee at one stage as I thought I was going to drop, before finishing my day trip in a pal's house having tea admiring their amazing yarden and then going to get the bus home at 6pm.

The bus was packed and somewhere around Lisburn the temperature on the bus began to rise, a lot.

At first I thought it was only me who was bothered and being pinned into the window seat I was afraid that my body would take over and I would find myself standing up shouting 'turn off the bloody heating' before I realised I had even done it. Fortunately others were feeling the same and it turned out the driver wasn't able to work the air conditioning or it wasn't working or something.

Either way just outside Newry after numerous complaints someone from the back of the bus came to the driver and he pulled over and began to open the skylight things in the middle of the roof. The one beside us opened and I was looking at it longing for the moment the bus took off and we would get a breeze of cool air in the sauna we were travelling in.

Alas, when he went to the second skylight, it wasn't attached to anything and wouldn't go back, so we were stranded at the side of the road, cooking at the side of the road. (You should be able to see the steamed up windows


And we had to wait for a bus to come from Newry to bring us on to Dublin. So we sat and waited on the sauna bus until some people got off, against the driver's wishes and stood on the hard shoulder getting some air. I followed them at one stage along with half of the bus and was thrilled to see the rescue bus drive up behind us some time later.


Of course the heating was on again on the next bus but it wasn't anywhere near the Sub-Saharan temperatures from earlier and having left Belfast at 6pm we finally hit Dublin at 9.30pm. So as that song goes, or something like this anyway, next time I think I'm gonna take the train.

When I finally got home, after getting a long glass of water I came back into the living room to find the Young Wan and the doggie delving into the case of things I bought in Belfast. And I swear the dog was looking as much as herself, 'whats for me whats for me'. Fortunately they both got something each, treats for the doggie and crazy tights for herself. I'm wrecked now; what a way to spend Bank Holiday Monday.



(When I locate all the last week's 365 I'll post them, hopefully tomorrow; so much to do so little time.)


Phil O'Kane said...

Always either too hot or too cold; that was always my problem with getting the bus, ulsterbus in particular strangely.

I always get the train - even though it is very annoyingly expensive but it's just so much more comfortable.

Might be taking the bus this weekend though.

If you're up for it, im hoping to go to phoenix pk on saturday afternoon for some pics, and drogheda photo walk on sunday.

see here

Phil O'Kane said...

crap, link fail.
correct link here

AnCatDubh said...

You poor thing. What a day. Although have to say reading your post did bring an Irish smile to my face.

ainelivia said...

have always favoured the train, especially because of the way it hugs the coast between Dublin and just beyond Drogheda.

difference between bus and train apart from cost, it runs on rails and vehicles don't get in it's way.

coastalaussie said...

Great photos, but I hope you will be feeling better soon. All that heat and discomfort wouldn't have been good for you. Enjoying your posts though, glad you're strong enough to still post them.