Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Me circa 1974

I'M doing something here that I haven't done before and publish a pic of myself. Course the icon I use on most sites is from a photograph of me as a child and I love it but all you can see is my legs scarpering off to the side. The next one is another one from my childhood, one of not too many photographs with me in them, I was the third child and the shine was off taking pics. Every now and again someone in the family comes across them and this one was sent by my Mum/Nanny via my Uncle and I just have to show it off. That's my Grandad in the pic, he passed away when I was seven. I have few memories of him but there's one special memory I have and somewhere there is a pic of that day.

I would have been about three and was wearing a red tartan trouser suit; it was the 1970s and was scrapping out the last of some jelly from one of those green tupperware bowls sitting on my Grandad's knee. I remember him telling me that I would be sick and I remember thinking 'how can you be sick eating jelly!?*. It made no sense to me, sure jelly is lovely, you couldn't be sick on something lovely like jelly. The photograph preserves that memory even more because I am so young in it, barely older than a toddler, with short curly red hair and jelly all over my face. I hope it isn't lost as I haven't seen it in so long.

Anyway back to the photo posted here, I'm with my Grandad and my uncle who looks like a handsome Freddy Mercury and it was taken in my grandparents' back garden which I loved exploring. I hope more turn up :)

My Grandad, me and my uncle circa 1974ish


Emma in Canada said...

Wow your uncle really was 1974 hot! Your granda looks awfully young to have passed on only a few years later. And you were adorable! Nice to finally see you, even if it was some 30 years ago!

Ken Armstrong said...

1974 hot! LOL that's me too :)

Everybody seems to be looking at the ground - they'd stepped in the paddling pool didn't they?

(I know, I know 'no paddling pools in them days...)