Wednesday, June 04, 2008


IT has been a very busy week for me hence the derth in posts. I've been out and about taking pics for work which take time afterwards to go through leaving me completely unmotivated in the evenings to do any internet-related other than to quickly check emails. Course we had the photomeet over the lovely long weekend which I will get to. I haven't managed to even get to those pics yet but needless to say we had another good afternoon with new and not-so-new faces and fantastic weather. More on that and soon, if I'm honest I haven't even looked at them yet but I will.

One thing that did get sorted last week was payment from the Herald. Once I managed to get my hands on a copy, thanks to Dermot, I contacted them and spoke to some one, not some one who could actually help and who sounded irritated to be phoned. That was a little amusing to me and I called again, this time talking to a very helpful woman on reception who told me who I needed to talk to.

After getting in touch with them I was given an amount for the photograph I didn't agree with and, incidentally through Twitter, got some great advice on what I should expect or push for and why. At that stage the Herald contacted me about invoicing them for payment. After a couple of emails where everything was explained, people were helpful, obliging and it was all sorted out and I'm happy. I got an email earlier saying I should get a payment in a couple of weeks which is great. So looking forward to that :)

I love a happy ending, don't you?

Incidentally if by any stretch of the imagination you know this woman by how she munches her cereal, will you give her a smack around the head.


MJ said...

Glad you got sorted ;)

AnCatDubh said...

Well done you. Darn evening hearld - It's just that it would have been so much nicer for them to have at least made the effort in the first place. Cheers.

stargate said...

glad you got a result please keep the pics coming