Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Photo inspiration

I HAVE debated with the idea of doing a photo-a-day project for a long time but for a variety of reasons have never gotten it together. Sometimes this has more to do with actually having the time to post, or be physically able to. Then there are times when I don't take the camera out of my bag once in a number of days. Course when there are weeks like this week I then start thinking how difficult would it be to do? And I don't mean about producing images that I am proud of - that is a whole different ballgame altogether. Some weeks inspiration abounds, other weeks find me throwing the ball and snapping the doggie over and over again. For me that is the main problem..

Every now and again I see something that is totally inspiring. Other's shots of ordinary things, images of people's lives such as these two friends. Stephanie and Mav who live 3191 miles apart and they take a photograph in the evening every day. They have already carried this out every morning resulting in a compelling and wonderful book filled with their images laid out side by side. I worry that I would end up with a year-long bus project, after all it is one of the most constant things I do.

This week has been one week where not only have I been busy taking pics in work but I have also found a few shots for myself too. And thats dangerous because it is weeks like this that I think again 'why don't I do it? I haven't come to a decision yet and maybe I never will, after all posts can be posted ahead...

Anyway here's some pics from Arbour Hill today.

Arbour Hill

This wee dog tried to steal the afternoon and in his cuteness very nearly did. His owner, Kathleen, told us he is a rescue dog who was kicked so hard it dislocated his hip. His former owners never brought him to a vet to get it fixed and now he runs strangely and sits strangely too.


And two from the way back to work after Arbour Hill.

Bachelors Walk so they do

Kerfuffling on the boardwalk

Don't forget the photomeet this weekend, 1pm at the George Bernard Shaw pub in Portobello for the car boot sale... Looking forward to it, hoping for lots of inspiration and it is open to any and everyone, so come on.


Darren said...

There's something so simple and sweet about the last pic. Very nice.

The Photomeet - is it just for 'real' photographers or are people with their FujiPix and CoolPix and FinePix cameras welcome too? I'm no photographer, but I love taking photos and capturing moments.

Red Mum said...

The photomeet is for anybody, seriously. I would hate to think that people would be put off for whatever reason. I used my fuji finepix with pride for a really long time and I'll be bringing it on Saturday for a pal who is hopefully joining us and doesn't have a digital camera.

You don't even have to have a digital camera, they just make it easier and cheaper for posting pics.

The bottom line is this is NOT an elitist event, far from it. It is hopefully going to be a fun day of pictures. And anyone who fancies an afternoon of taking photos with lovely people with pints after will enjoy it.

So see you there ;)

Boliath said...

Thanks for the link to the 3191 site - that is so gorgeous, such a wonderful way to maintain a daily connection, wish I had the time and energy to do it. Please do a daily photo I'd love to see it.


Eoin O'Mahony said...

Wil be seeing you at the GB Shaw tomorrow at 1pm. Heard the cereal-in-car- thing this morning but never connected it.

Anonymous said...

I really like that dog in your top photo - so cool, such attitude. Wish I could join in with the photo meet; hope you all have a great time.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a picture a day too. As you said it's not even so much the time taken to take the picture, it's getting it off the camera and onto the pc that's off-putting isn't it?

Will you be having another photomeet during the summer? I'd really like to join the group if you are.