Friday, May 16, 2008

Mad driving

I SENT my picture of the mad driver having her cereal whilst driving along the Quays to Morning Ireland and they mentioned it this morning (at 4.22mins). They were doing a road safety feature all week and I missed it during my morning running around getting ready. I'll listen to it online when it is up later.

Just driving to work having my cereal


AnCatDubh said...

wow - this is weird. heard the report live on the way into the city (yesterday). was in the local Chinese takeaway today and yesterdays evening hearld was lying about. to kill a few moments i browsed through the pages and bang(!) there was this photo. then i browse the web, click on blog, drop down to the blog awards list, click on red mum's blog and scroll down a bit and theres the photo again (this time by the photographer!). Ok. very weird indeed!

PS - i hope the herald paid you handsomely for your image.


Red Mum said...

I didn't know that ancatdubh, I had the national edition and it wasn't in that. I'll check that out, thanks for stopping by and telling me.

Sven said...

Good Job!:)