Wednesday, May 14, 2008


THIS morning as I was going into work along the Quays, I noticed this mad woman driving while eating a bowl of cereal. Seriously, a bowl of cereal.

Just driving to work having my cereal

Now I know the Quays don't move that fast in the mornings but seriously come on. I mean how does this work?

Does she pour them before she gets into the car and leaves it on the passenger seat until the traffic crawls enough to eat, or does she bring a bowl and fill it up as she goes. Either way thats is a major distraction and a danger to everyone else on the road.

What happens if she spills some on her lap, does she just ignore it and drive on? What happens if all of a sudden traffic begins to move, does she move the bowl then not caring whether or not she gets milk on her seats, does she drive on irregardless? Slow moving traffic is not an excuse.

I was tempted to take her number plate but decided against it. What a selfish driver.


Anonymous said...

You should have taken her number AND reported it. Think about it. If you heard, God forbid, that 'The Wan' was knocked down by an idiot eating her bowl of cereal while driving - How would you feel?

It is driving without due care and attention - an offence, and breaking the law.

Darren said...

I've seen people on mobiles, doing their makeup, reading the broadsheets, on their laptops. People's stupidity knows no bounds.

Red Mum said...

@Grannymar thats exactly what I was thinking watching her. I probably should have taken her numberplate but I was starting to feel a bit big brotherish. But I agree with everything you say I could not believe she was doing that.

@Darren I've seen all sorts as well, it is ridiculous what people think they can get away with. Unfortunately it is even beyond stupidity because that is no excuse if you hurt or kill someone.