Friday, February 15, 2008

RM colum February 8th - It hasn't gone away you know

RM column February 8th - It hasn't gone away you know

Since I started writing my blog and this column the Young Wan’s messy/untidy/pig sty bedroom has featured more times than I would care to remember.

The messy/untidy/pig sty bedroom pops up way too much in reality and much more than I write about but sometimes moaning about it bores me let alone writing about it constantly boring you.

The new house provides some coverage from the bedroom for herself or indeed for me. In the last flat as soon as you opened the flat door you were assaulted by the den of iniquity that was her bedroom. The new place allows me to pretend it doesn’t even exist.

Battles over her bedroom are ones that I try to choose carefully. Being on her back constantly is going to do neither her nor me any good so not having it slap bang in my face as I get home from work has been a blessing.

On top of that Nanny is sharing the room with the Young Wan so she has had to deal with it more than I have. And she has been dealing with for the last six weeks, with little gain made.

So for the last couple of nights off the Young Wan goes into her room, to play music, move stuff from one pile to another, hide some more stuff in places that are blatantly obvious to everyone but her, instead of actually tidying her room.

This has been going on since we moved in. She will spend days at a time doing this.

Nanny actually found a pile in the bottom of her wardrobe and pulled it out onto the middle of the floor ready for the Young Wan to tidy it up when she got home from school. Only the Young Wan went in and shoved it under the bed as if that would not be noticed.

But as I have said before teenagers are not known for their smartness.

In the last day or two it began to sound like actual work was being done, probably because the Young Wan wants allowed out at the weekend and knows she will only cross the threshold if the room is actually clean and tidy.

‘Nanny it is done’ – she roared into the living room so Nanny could go in and inspect the work. Much better for Nanny to do that than me.

Nanny had not even reached the door when she went ‘oh no it is not’.

Teenagers seem to adopt selective sight, she can only see what she wants to see. So she will spend time tidying but fails to see the rubbish strewn about the floor, socks lying her and there and shoes kicked off and left where they land.

It is terrible for me to sit back on this for now but I am relieved Nanny has taken this on. Okay okay she hasn’t taken it on, poor Nanny has no choice but to take it seeing as how she is sharing a room with our untidy teen.

Still and all for a time, a short time I don’t have to crack the whip on this one, I can just pretend that messy space doesn’t exist. Eh what bedroom?


Emma in Canada said...

Ah, girls and their rooms. Taylor's is never clean and her version of clean differs quite a bit from mine and quite a lot from her Nanny's. She seems to think that if she spends an hour moving one pile of crap to another she has done a good job.

Red Mum said...

Ha LOL Emma - I could have written that word for word, particularly the moving a pile around