Tuesday, November 21, 2006

RM November 16 - Teenagers ARE stupid

I HAVE said it before and no doubt I will say it again, but teenagers really are stupid.

Take this morning for example, I took my bra off last night in the living room as it was annoying me and I left it on the settee. When I got up this morning I went into the living room to get it and it was no longer there.

The Young Wan who dresses in the living room as it is warmer than her own room must have seen it and thought ‘I’ll put that on and she’ll (me) never know’.

What she should know by now is that I always know AND I always hit the roof.

She has her own, of course she does – lots of them, but they are somewhere, God knows where in her own room.

It is not my fault that she doesn’t know where they are. It has nothing to do with me when she tidies her room by shoving everything in any available space, shelf, corner, cubby hole. Again it has nothing to do with me if the Young Wan does not believe in sorting out her clothes in a way that is manageable.

So where underwear should be actually contains pajama bottoms, one boot, some socks, jumpers, t-shirts books and all manner of things, shoved into one big messy ball of stuff.

Nah, none of that matters when she knows exactly where to get what she needs in my room. The fact that when I do the laundry I place everything into lovely neat tidy piles which only have to be placed in their appropriate place. Does that happen, of course not, that would be too easy.

Does it matter that my bras are too big for her, hell no, not at all. Most times I can tell just by looking at her whether or not she is wearing one of mine.
So what it she is wearing an ill-fitting bra. After all droopiness must seem like a long way away to her. I’ll ask her again when she is older.

At times it has gotten to the point where I am considering putting a lock on my underwear drawer. That way I can be assured of finding the bra I want when I need it instead of having to change from a white top to black because I can only get my hands on a black bra.

What gets me is the misguided belief from the Young Wan that I won’t notice. How on earth would I not. Besides knowing where I leave things there are only two of us in our household unless you count the doggie which makes three and being only two the doggie isn’t wearing bras yet.

But of course when I question her on these things, she will do the blank look she has perfected so well and feign innocence.

I have to admit though I did the same when I was a teenager to my own mum, though the bras fitted me, droopiness was not something I intended to speed along.

Besides my Mum loved me borrowing her clothes, honestly she did. God what would I be like with a couple of teenage girls, it would be like Fort Knox in our house.

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The Great Wee Azoo said...

It sounds like the tidy room didn't last. Get that Young Wan in there and get her cleaning those bras out of those nooks and crannies.

shula said...

Hey, Redmum, looks like you've got a loony in your comments section.

I was just going to say that reading this post was like listening to the Ghost of Christmas Future.

Mine's only 12, or I would have suggested that perhaps they were separated at birth.


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Anonymous said...

This is what you get when society decides parents are not allowed to disipline their kids anymore. You made the bed, you sleep in it!

Red Mum said...

Are you serious anonymous? Thanks for the laugh.