Saturday, September 30, 2006

Phone locking, wasted deals and tidy bedrooms

SOME of you might remember that I decided to finally get the Young Wan a mobile at the end of the summer. Unfortunately she has so far not been very clever with her dealings on it.

For example, I have decided that I would give her €20 a month for credit and no more. So if it is gone by a day tough, she will have to wait four weeks for a top up.

I thought that would teach her to be a bit frugile with her credit. And in fairness it is only one month into this, that will come a few times after wasting her call credit. But I also bought her a Meteor phone because a lot of her pals have them and they offer more than other phone providers.

For example if you sign up for a free text service you can top with €20 and for a month text other Meteor users for free until March 2008. So today she went off with her money and before she had left the shop she had texted someone.

Unfortunately we hadn't yet signed her up for this freebie so she has just wasted money really. Arrgggghh.

We hadn't yet registered her for this yet because she had locked her phone and didn't know where she put the puk code. Anyway she is registered now so she'll have to wait until next month.

She is currently tidying up her room so she can get to the launderette to do the weekly wash, do you reckon she is hankering after more money?

I should have also reported on the bedroom. It was finally done and cleaned (bleached no less) from one side to the other. When you open the flat door and come in you are struck by the sheer amount of light coming from her room because all the piles have been lifted and the floor shines. And in fairness while it has already gotten messy since, she has also been tidying up after herself every couple of days.

What brought about this dramatic change. I'd say the fact that it gleamed for the first time in a year had something to do with it. Not to mention the fact that she can find things has also helped and it is a much more pleasant place to be. Course the lure of maybe being slipped a few quid has also helped. But I am not under the seriously misguided notion that it will stay like this, I am for now happy for it to be clean.

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