Saturday, September 30, 2006

Busy busy mum

IT HAS been a busy two weeks for me so it has been sparce on the posting front (sorry Boliath who has given out to me) and I can't see things getting any calmer so I have to be a more deligent blogger and slot in more time. Unfortunately I think my four-year-old laptop is about to kick the bucket.

I had planned to maybe get a new laptop after Christmas but it is looking more and more likely that I should upgrade before then. The modem has been acting crazy and is very frustrating being in the middle of something when the modem disconnects itself.

On top of all that I have spent two days out of the office at a conference, two days at a photoshop course, one day at the ploughing championships and the rest of the time catching up on the normal day to day work things. I have about 700 pics to process most of which will go on Flickr and I was going to go into work today to do that and then I saw the rain and I aint for moving. I'll probably go in tomorrow and use work's faster internet connection to upload everything which I will release onto Irishblogs bit by bit over a couple of nights by marking from private to public, depending on the laptop modem of course.

I also need to do some picture cleaning on the laptop. Since I switched over from my Fuji Finepix to a Nikon D50 the amount of space on the laptop has seriously dwindled. I have been meaning to buy a hard drive to transfer all my pix over so I will probably do that this week. I am hoping that will make some difference to the speed of my laptop if nothing else.

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Boliath said...

Good to have you back, I missed you. Sorry if it seemed I was giving out, I wasn't! Sure who would I be to talk, I gave up my blog :c)