Monday, January 21, 2008

Psychic moments

NANNY and I are having a lot of psychic moments lately. Te kind where one of us is thinking something random and the other will randomly ask about it. This is normally met with retorts of ‘get out of my head you’ and the like.

I put this down to me and my little known amazing psychic abilities. I once lived with a pal and the same thing would happen. The mother daughter link probably has a lot to do with all these goings-on at the minute. It was always something I remember growing up. If I did something wrong I would be sitting at home willing her subconsciously ‘don’t ask about (fill in as appropriate)’ and you could bet nine times out of 10 she would ask.

We had a funny one last night.

Nanny says pointing at a punnet of strawberries ‘put away those….(as she searched for the word strawberries)

Red Mum thinks ‘mushrooms’

Nanny says: ‘put away those... mushrooms’.

So it would appear my psychic powers are becoming stronger and I am learning how to influence others. That could come in handy, the only question is do I use my powers for good or evil?


Sinéad said...

For evil, of course. Way more fun. :)

Similar stuff happens to me, especially with dream stuff. Every fortune teller I've been dragged to tells me I'm psychic and my granny and great granny used to read cards/see ghosts etc.

Thriftcriminal said...

(Chants) Evil. Evil. Evil. Why not bring down the stock markets.....Oh.