Friday, January 18, 2008

Photowalking tour - Irish Blog Awards 2008

Photo meet

seems to be a great level of interest in the photowalking tour being held the weekend of the blog awards. I was thinking then 'okay what will we do?' and I thought about themes and projects and decided against them all thinking if we are to attract newbie and oldie people at all levels of photography it was best to keep it simple.

So I thought it best that we meet somewhere like O'Connell Street around lunchtime and take it from there. One place I was thinking of which was mentioned to me also by Simon is to make our way along the docks, there are lots of things of interest there for us.

Again what do people think?

PS: Thanks to Sabrina for the excellent graphic :)


Sabrina said...

Ahh you're very welcome! Glad you like it. I'd be delighted to come along wit what sounds like a great event but I'm not a photographer, just and admirer :)

Nathalie said...

Newbie alert :)

I'd love to come along to this if it's an open enough invite!

Red Mum said...

Its open to everyone Nathalie, looking forward to meeting you then :)