Friday, January 18, 2008

Corey Delaney - antihero

I WROTE my column this week on that eejit Corey Delaney who had a free house/(as we called them in Belfast) gaff. The gormless fool is becoming an internet antihero with offers of money all over the place. He is also still on the run from his parents. Given the interviews I have seen I am not surprised, he is a first class brat.

All sorts of funny things are popping up on the internet about his antics and it looks like he could make a lot of money from his free gaff. First up on his spending list should be something amazing for his parents to say sorry, like a long family holiday with no one left at home alone. Here's a little song dedicated to him. God if the Young Wan did anything like that I would string her up (touches wood).

1 comment:

Daragh Mc Grath said...

But just think, then you'd be loaded and set up for life!! ;-)