Sunday, November 11, 2007

A painting update - sorry about that...

OH MY GOD who would have thought painting a house would take so long, but it really is. Because we have been living in the flat where we are for the last 12/13 years I want the new place to feel completely new and have opted for a magnolia theme throughout the whole place, all fresh and new and lovely.

Working makes it harder to get it done sooner (so does not having a car) and the fact that it has mostly been the Young Wan and myself with paint brushes bar two evenings has made it all the slower. But I am delighted with today's efforts helped by a pal Mick. The living room is completely done bar some glossing and I am beginning to hate gloss, with an absolute passion. We also need to scrub the emulsion splatts and streaks from the laminate flooring, despite our best efforts to be clean painters we just arn't.

The hot press is in the living room and were a brown colour as was the frame around the door, so they are half done, I have painted the door frame and need to gloss the door but it has never been glossed so I'll get some undercoat ensuring that I don't to give it about three coats before it is done.

My room is completely finished, yehar, and the Young Wan's room only needs a coat of gloss on her door, the frame having been done this evening. We have been using the space underneath the Young Wan's loft-bed to store everything that has been packed and there is no space to move, so we cannot pack anymore until it is moved up to the new place. And I haven't a clue when that will happen, God I wish I had a car.

I will endeavour to get back to the new house some evening this week if my energy levels permit and finish the little glossing bits here and there and make a start on the kitchen and then we are a-rocking and a-rolling. Meaning we will get back to the a-packing, a-arrgghhh.

When it is all done and cleaned up, I will post some photographs of before, during and afterward. (I know I have said this before but so!) I should have been taking a lot more during, but when you are on a painting mission all other creative thoughts go out the window, (once brown gloss now a lovely magnolia).

So having spent six hours painting today the Young Wan and I are completely and utterly cream-crackered, my back hurts, my head hurts, my feet are screaming, I am dotted nearly all over in emulsion and my hands and fingers are covered in gloss. Oh and I have a permanent smell of gloss in my nostrils, nice!

I cannot wait for a weekend when I am not under pressure from painting, packing or unpacking and it will come soon time really soon.

Because I am working next weekend and won't be doing anything there at all I am going to try and get back and finish the painting over the week, I won't hold myself to that completely, given how tiring it is. Having worked five hours last Sunday on my feet constantly I was so knackered last Monday. This week will be busy enough without the added pressure of trying to get to the house when I am no more in the mood to do so. But I'll see how I feel as the week goes on. The ideal day would be to go up tomorrow evening and make some inroads into it all, I can't see me do that somehow.

And don't get me started on living on take-aways while we are doing this, we are both sick of them. But tonight we didn't get home till 8pm and the last thing I can think of doing is cooking, nevermind the fact that we have no food in, so a take-away it is then.

The latest time schedule and one I am sticking too is that we are due to move in by the start of December and will be well in by Christmas. What an amazing thought.

On a positive helping-hand note Nanny is back next week and she plans to sent a couple of hours unpacking during the day while we are at school and work, which will be brilliant.

I know this is an ongoing post and I do apologise for that but it is all encompassing for me. This move is one of the biggest life-enhancing times for the Young Wan and I and we cannot wait, you have no idea.

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Katherine said...

Well it sounds like all are doing trojan work; I look forward to seeing the finished product.