Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I'm loving it...

WELL I am absolutely loving the new Mac Book Pro, it is a seriously sexy machine, light and lovely and a far-cry from the heavy and cumbersome Dell, which I liked a lot apart from the heaviness factor which I loathed as I carry it about a lot.

But this Mac, mmmmh, from the gorgeous packaging to the click of the buttons to the magentic power lead. Trouble is with moving and painting I haven't gotten to play with it as much as I'd like. I only hooked it up to the internet tonight and I am really enjoying it's slickness.

I also got Final Cut Express which is one nifty film editing programme and one that my initial forays into tells me that I need to do a lot more messing about. I've been checking the manual, all more than 1000 pages long.

Do you check the manual of things when you get them? I tend to and normally while using whatever it is I have the manual for. Course it is handy reading for the bus too. Does that sounds mad? But if I have a manual it is probably for something that I really like or indeed love, such as the camera. I perused the Nikon D50 manual on the bus all the time while referring to the camera menu. I suppose sometimes everything is so busy, the bus can be a welcome half-hour to 45-mins of me time.

Course I could take it further and spend quality time with the new computer on the bus, but I just wouldn't do that. I have only ever seen one person on the number 10 on their laptop and at the time I thought 'what an eejit'. I imagine that you have no sooner booted up than you have to get off. He could have been travelling from UCD across town but still and never mind people who may wish to liberate you from your machine.

Trains are a different matter, they are generally longer journeys, though my previous existence travelling back and forth from Tallaght begs to dispute the difference between it and the journey from Dublin to Belfast. Anyway is much harder for someone to run off with your puter on a train.

I have some housekeeping to do on the new baby yet, I need photoshop and other programmes and I need to upgrade to Leopard which was available days after this beautiful machine was ordered. My initial glances tell me it only costs a tenner to upgrade so grand. Some of the new functions will be very welcome, such as allowing the Young Wan to surf, of course it is sites I allow and for a time period I specify and then it switches off.

While I have used macs a lot in work over the years, for the last long while I have been mostly using PCs and only popping on the Mac for photo work, so it will probably take a little while to get completely au-fait with it all. And will take some time for me to get to grips with Final Cut so over the next couple of days I will be doing some serious messing, some of which may end up here and I say may, it may not in the same breath. Anyway back to playing.

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Anonymous said...

How long will it be till Morgan pops up from Sydney to coo over your new machine and offer advice etc?? Yer not get much packing done if yer cooing over that though Red Mum? All your posts by the way are making me renew my lease and stay put and I've only been here a year!