Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wordpress suspended in Turkey

I noticed a link on Tom's Facebook about wordpress sites being suspended in Turkey and I meant to blog about it while there.

Checking out the Flickr blog while on holiday to see the piece about holding up small dogs against famous sites to include my own attempt with a friend's dog Poppy and the QE2 which was docked in the harbour. Only the blog was not available and instead a page saying "access to the site has been suspended".

Poppy and the QE2

Flickr blog suspended in turkey

So I checked another wordpress site, Paige's, and she too was suspended. Others were accessible though like Damien. I only found out this morning why they are suspended, you can read more about it all here.

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blankpaige said...

Kinda of explains why my bog stats have gone so low - it's the absence of my fanatical Turkish readers. Or maybe it is the increasingly sporadic blog behaviour.
Hope your having a cool break.