Friday, August 24, 2007

Lamb chops - lost in translation

IN MY last Turkish post I wrote about going to buy lamb chops, I should have updated it before now as my cunning plan to remember the word for lamb chops, pirzolasi, turned into a complete comedy sketch. In the post I explained:

"The Young Wan and I are on a mission to buy lamb chops which I am phoenitically remembering as the former editor of the Daily Mirror and the former athlete who ran in her bare feet, Piers Morgan and Zola Budd; Piers Zola."

Off we went to the supermarket where I confidentially and wrongly asked for 'Piers Budd' and the butcher pointed to ribs.

'No, PIERS BUD' and again he pointed to the ribs. I start to think 'how can I explain this' so I start to go 'baaaaa' and still he looked at me blankly. Then I noticed a little plastic sheep on the counter so I pointed at that and said once again 'baaaa'. At this stage the Young Wan is laughing loudly, the butcher is laughing and the young fella who was brushing the floor was standing beside us also laughing.

And the butcher pointed again at the ribs.

Lifting the little sheep, I once again went 'BAAAAA' and then said the Turkish word for baby, bebek. 'BBAAAAAA bebek, BAAAAA bebek'. The butcher pointed at the sheep, shaking his head saying 'moooo'.

At this stage we are all laughing before coming away with steak. Note to self, next time bring the phrase book or at least write down what I am supposed to be asking for.

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