Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Some of the funnier images from Turkey

I thought I'd post some of the funnier pics from Turkey to (maybe) give you a laugh. There's lots of 'genuine fake' signs as I got a little bored of those but here's some of the other images which caught my eye.

This first one made me laugh out loud, a friend said I should have bought it. I don't agree why on earth would I? Look closely at the name on the watch!

Elızabeth !


Jaysus Brown Thomas is closing down!




One of the Irish/English community living in Turkey bought a grave plot and was given this back

This is Bert's grave

The local security guard, ever vigilant!

Grainy and shaky pic of sleeping security guard

Forget about bringing home the lemon cologne you see everywhere, it is Elephant cologne you should be stocking up on.

Mad shop - Elephant cologne

I could have done with one of these in my flat, an excellent space saver!


You can see the blatant lie in the banner, no hassle indeed!


This window display was more than disturbing, more than disturbing. The little boy was on a turning pedestal...

Slightly disturbing window and dummies

'Verry' hot chilli.

Tuesday market

A row of skirts from Penny's

Tuesday market


Declan said...

Hey, don't knock Elephant cologne. If it can make an Elephant attractive it must be wonderful stuff :-)

Parnell said...

Never been a royalist myself but, Princess Elizabeth, was one of the best. Is Elephant Cologne still available in the larger family cologne sized containers?

Emma in Canada said...

That watch was hilarious!