Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Young Wan's Junior Cert Diary - Day 5

Day 5 - French, History

Studying for French involved me going over phrases over and over again. I was going over new words and verbs and tenses and well French in general. For History I went over my notes and

I also got assigned again to verify that the superintendents didn't open the exam papers before it was time to open them.

French: First of all we had a listening test, then we had the actual exam. The listening test was really easy because it was like mostly concentrating on numbers, half the time it only takes one word and you cope onto to what the word was. We given a load of questions to answer about someone, what they like, what age they are, etc.

All the questions except for last two were reading comprehensions. The last questions were a note and a letter. The paper was okay, I think I did well, I think I didn't do badly.

History: History was harder, I was really lucky, I answered 15 of the short questions, you have to answer 10. We are always told to answer more in case. I think I knew them all. They were like what is an artifact? Give an example of a secondary source? It was so easy it was brilliant.

We had two documents and two pictures. They were okay, the documents were pretty much relating to a question like a reading comprehension, the answer was in the text. I had to write an account on a monk in a monastery, Leonardo Da Vinci and a Roman. Well it was an ancient civilisation and I choose Rome.

Overall: Grand

Tomorrow: Business 1 and 2

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Boliath said...

How long more now YW? You sound calm which is a good thing. Keep it up.