Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Young Wan's Junior Cert Diary - Day 6

Day 6 - Business 1 and 2

I went over everything for Business, I can't stand business and can't wait to drop it. I don't mind business but I hate the accounting part of it all.

Business 1: I think I did well on this paper but I am not expecting miracles when the results come back. It was a lot of short questions put together and then Section B was six long questions and we had to do four. They are like Mary and her family went on holiday, the brocure said they are five mins from the beach but they are actually five miles. What law was broken? Write a letter of complain. I think I did alright on Paper 1.

Business 2: Paper 2 was arrgghhhh, warrghhh, terrible, the worst paper I have done so far. Terrible there is no more I can say, oh maybe, disastrous, catastrophe.

Overall: Meh *shakes hand to and fro*

Tomorrow: Science, last day, last day, last day, last day. Ohh last day.


Boliath said...

Ah ha you answered my question - today is your last day - good for you! Hope the science is going well for you, congratulations!

Coastal Aussie said...

I hope you came home with the wind in your sails!
Congratulations on getting through it all.